Sports Injuries

epic-massageWith any injury it is important to treat the cause of the injury. Sports injuries are usually due to poor training programme, inadequate equipment, poor technique or muscle imbalances.

These are some of the sports we specialise in:

Running (trail and road)

If you are struggling with a running injury we will assess your body movement to pick up any imbalances, your gait to assess you have the correct footwear and advise on your training programme. A simple exercise programme specific to your injury will be given. We can assist you on what footwear to use and if orthotics or temporary wedges are necessary.

Cycling (MTB and road)

A good bike setup for you on your bike is extremely important in keeping injuries at bay. If you have an injury Sarah will assess you on your bike and advise what changes to make to prevent the injury reoccurring. For a first time bike set up we can advise where you should go. Muscle imbalances can be corrected with exercise and wedges if necessary and training programme can be discussed.

Tennis (all levels)

A full tennis specific assessment will be taken to determine the cause of your injury. A tennis rehab programme will be given to get you back on the court as soon as possible, injury free.

Rehabilitation Programmes

As already mentioned, treating an injury is one thing but curing an injury is another. Exercise programmes specific to you, your activities and your injury are vital. Doing the exercises is hard to maintain but always worth the effort!